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ShoreTel Mobility


Bring Your Own Device (BYOD) & use the ShoreTel Phone Mobility App anywhere you want to do business!

Mobility – The ability to do your job anywhere with the identical feature set as your desk phone

ShoreTel has the mobility market cornered. Which of the following would you like to do

  • Use your smart phone as your desk phone when away from the office

  • Use Wifi to send & receive calls. Bad cell reception or international workers

  • Replace all desk phones with iPhones & iPads

  • Eliminate the need to recable your office to Cat 5+


Just a simple add on to your phone system can accomplish all of the above. The best part is, ShoreTel’s Mobility Client will work on any IP Phone System (Cisco, Mitel, Avaya) and with all Apple and most Android devices.

You’re on your way to the office but get stuck in traffic. No worries place the call from your smart device that has direct access to your contacts and schedule. The call goes from your cell to your ShoreTel Mobility Client then out to the client. The client see’s your personal DID on their ID. You get to the office and have to walk to your desk through a cell dead zone. Again the call automatically switches to wifi and you get to your desk, pop your iPhone in the dock, and pick up the handset with the ShoreTel desktop client right in front of you.

ShoreTel Voice & PBX Deployments

ShoreTel Connect Onsite

Traditional onsite equipment at your offices, but far from a traditional phone system. Still the #1 way to get the most features out of your phone system. Unified Communications, Contact Center, Mobility, Conferencing, and so much more. Partner with ATI and we’ll help you implement and support your system as you see fit.

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ShoreTel Connect Cloud

ShoreTel’s cloud/hosted VOIP phone system offering. All the best features of the on-premise system, but installed and supported off site at a state of the art data center. This alleviates the work of your IT employees, while simultaneously providing system backup, disaster recovery, and all the newest equipment at your fingertips. Best of all no upfront Cap Ex, all on a monthly basis.

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ShoreTel Applications

Enterprise Contact Center

From a 5 person operation to a full floor contact center over multiple locations, ShoreTel puts the productivity tools in your hands. Enhanced call routing, chat or email, IVR, outbound dialing, Unified desktop client for users and supervisors and a magnitude of cradle to grave reporting options.

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Conferencing & Collaboration

How much are you spending on third party conferencing solutions? ShoreTel gives you the all the tools you need to host your own conferences in-house. From traditional voice calls to desktop sharing and presenting, bring together up to hundreds of customers and employees on your schedule.

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That’s right, no more gateways, switches or service appliances necessary. Host your entire ShoreTel solution in house or at a Colo entirely on your own servers/VMware. Mix and match hardware and virtual wherever you see fit. For a limited time only, ShoreTel’s conferencing solution can be spun up on any virtual device for free.

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Call Recording

Did you know that ShoreTel has a built in call recording platform all ready to go, with no extra appliances needed to be purchased? Start recording your calls for: Training, Compliance, Contact Centers, or just better overall Customer Service with only the additional of licenses and the appropriate server infrastructure. Get a free trial of ShoreTel recording right now, and see if it works for you

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