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The Challenges of a Cloud Network

Move to the Internet

Article by ATI Partner Victor Hou, Global Channel Director – Expereo

Today much of enterprises are looking to reshape their business and core infrastructure of how they work. More cloud, more SaaS (software as a service) in order to reduce cost, increase collaboration, improve efficiency and workflow, but with all the benefits that going to the cloud creates what challenges does it come with?

“Move to the Internet.” Seems like the popular solution nowadays to replace or complement MPLS and SDWAN but most companies may not understand how choosing the right internet can impact the performance of the cloud and how complicated the internet works around the world.

The internet itself is made up of 50,000+ individual Autonomous Systems that mesh together, across which your traffic is directed using a routing protocol that makes decisions based on the number of systems it has to ‘hop’ across.

An efficient enough system, but one with endemic problems. Latency, packet loss, delays and other performance issues have always been there and most likely always will.

What’s different today is the requirements of business. To remain competitive they demand performance, agility and resilience, everywhere. Which means these constant performance issues are becoming unacceptable to CIOs, network administrators and the employees who work with an enterprise’s Cloud and SaaS applications.

In fact, you can get the performance and reliability you need from the Internet in order to achieve the cost savings that enterprises are seeking, you need to choose the right partner who can help you navigate to find the best internet path for your customer’s cloud applications

Internet Sourcing

Internet is often viewed as commodity that can be sourced locally and it’s all created equal – even considered by customer as putting the control back to enterprises by not having to rely on a single global carrier anymore.

Yet enterprises quickly find out managing 10s, and 100s of internet circuits locally is not manageable and creates a mixed peering and performance of all different internet circuit providers locally and internationally while managing multiple bills, support, MSAs, that can derail a successful cloud transformation

Internet and SD-WAN

SD-WAN is an overlay service. For the overlay to work well, and to realize the full benefits of an SD-WAN implementation, you need an underlay network that also works well, for your IPSec tunnels for example.

Optimized IP or BGP optimization can also play a vital role in delivering a high performing Internet based undelay network. Either way, we believe that the right internet strategy is fundamental to a successful SD-WAN strategy.

How Expereo Solves The Challenges

Started in 2004, Expereo has become the world’s largest internet aggregator of more than 3000+ providers globally to create a marketplace of any broadband and dedicated internet options across 200+ countries all under single bill, currency, contract and support for enterprise customers

With that unmatched experience and data points, Expereo has built a global cloud internet system that is able to look at the entire radar picture of internet peering in order to find the best performance between sites on your customer’s cloud applications

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Article by ATI Partner Victor Hou, Global Channel Director – Expereo


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