Mitel From Home

Setup a Network of Remote/Home Workers

Here’s the scenario: You have a handful of skilled employees throughout the country that you’d like to be part of your company’s phone system from their house without paying mitel-work-home-ati-smallan arm and a leg.

Why Part of Your Phone System?

  • Save money on rented office space
  • Transfer calls as if they’re at headquarters
  • Specific geographic presence
  • Full Mitel functionality
  • Keep your best employees no matter where they live

phonehomeSo Simple, Here’s How

  1. Purchase Mitel IP Phone & License
  2. Plug Phone into outlet and home router/modem
  3. Purchase “Line Interface Module” for local dial tone (If you’d like calls from that loc to go out from the local # rather than corporate #)
  4. Let ATI remotely program the phone to be part of your phone system

It’s really that easy. No expensive routers, PoE switches, servers, or firewalls. Contact ATI to see if this is the right way to approach your remote workers.