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Keeping employees motivated during all times of the year can be difficult but especially challenging in winter months with holidays causing distraction and cold dreary weather singing the blues. However there are a lot of ways to keep employees motivated and you’ve probably heard a few, but do you know that your data solutions can help you implement some employee motivation tactics? Keep reading to find out how.

Celebrating Milestones & Achievements

The employee birthday party might be the standard for celebrations, but being able to recognize employees for a variety of reasons is a great way to keep motivation and morale levels high. Luckily, when all your data is in the cloud, it’s easy to keep track of a synchronized employee calendar with milestones like work anniversaries and birthdays.

Job Flexibility

Giving employees the ability to work from home – and to have flexible hours – can be extremely motivating. In fact, one study found that when managers allowed employees to set their own schedule, they actually worked on average 7 hours more than those who had a prescribed schedule. With a virtual desktop solution for your office, workers can set their own work hours and work from their home – or anywhere in the world – during the summer.

Get Outside

By the same token, even workers who choose to work from the office benefit from some sunshine and fresh air during warm months. Some HR managers suggest holding meetings outside for employees who are happier and healthier, but you can even take that another step further and have workers conduct all types of business outside. Both virtual desktop solutions and mobile phone management – through Bring Your Own Device technology  – means that employees can spend time outside, taking advantage of great weather, and still pick up important calls and work on business documents without compromising security.

Be Creative

Perhaps the most important thing that any company can do to keep employees motivated is to be creative and to foster creativity. If that means finding ways to celebrate and recognize employees, to host social gatherings or friendly competitions, or just to get to know employees on a more personal level, it will encourage healthy relationships among employees and keep them motivated to do a good job for their team and their company as a whole. And the importance of creativity does not only extend to management and HR actions. Allowing employees to be creative with their time, to work on independent projects (e.g., Google’s 20% rule), and to bring fresh new ideas to the table is the best way to keep employees interested in their jobs and to improve company morale. Check out more ways to keep things fresh in the cloud here.