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Mitel MiVoice Office 250


Hands down the simplest IP phone system implementation without sacrificing reliability and features

The MiVoice Office (Formerly known as the 5000HX) is an IP technology based platform that supports a Digital/Hybrid solution. This means that you get all the newest technology without having to redo your network infrastructure, or run any new cables.

At only a 2U rack size, this versatile system provides a quick upgrade to the end of life Axxess system or any past TDM/Digital implementation. The MiVoice Office operates off solid state memory, which alleviates the risk of constant spinning hard disk failures. The system is very simple to operate, while still offering advanced functions to those that desire it.

Dynamic Extension

Allows your’ desk and cell phone to ring at the same time whenever a called is made or transferred to your desk. Customers can reach you no matter where you are. One button switch from desk phone to cell phone and vice versa. Caller ID of customer appears on your cell phone. No need to ever give out personal cell phone numbers to customers

Easy Transition
InterTel Axxess Migration

Keep the same phones. End users manipulate the system in the exact same fashion. Hardware discounts.

Voicemail to Email
Unified Messaging

Receive your voicemails through your email client at your desk or through your smart phone. One central access point for voicemails and emails. No need to call into phone system to access voicemails

Use your Current Cabling
Infrastructure Ready

If your business currently has a phone system installed, then you can support the Mitel MiVoice Office. Can utilize current Digital/Analog Cat 3 cabling. Easy Setup for Home/Remote Workers. Simple “User Creation Wizard” – no need to know computer programming to modify your settings

Primary Rate Interface
PRI Ready

Allows you to have 23 concurrent calls through one circuit with Caller ID, & DID’s (Direct Inward Dials) DID’s eliminate the need for extensions, as each user can have their own direct number to be reached at, bypassing the Auto Attendant if desired

Call Center
MiContact Center Office

MiContact Center Office provides efficient monitoring, managing and routing of calls. It's the perfect small to medium call center office solution. Intelligent routing capabilities, agent productivity tools, real-time reporting, and media blending modules.

Mitel Voice & PBX Deployments

MiCloud Business

Phones on desks and a high speed bandwidth connection, it’s that simple, it’s the MiCloud Business offering. The same great premise system that Mitel offers but hosted by one of the leaders in the industry, Mitel. They take care of the day to day operations, you take care of your business.

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Inter-Tel Axxess

Mitel’s legacy workhorse, the Axxess phone system, has been slated for end of life in June 2014. Don’t worry though, there is an upgrade path that allows a smooth transition to the MiVoice Office, saving you lots of time and money in the process. Let ATI help you get the process started.

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Affordable Cloud Phone System

Get a low cost phone system for only $15 per seat. Includes Yealink T42G phone, Unified Messaging, VM, Web Portal, many other standard features, and installation.


What's SD-WAN?

Prioritize bandwidth from any smart device. Replace MPLS for 1/10th the cost. Reduce WAN costs by 50% & Increase bandwidth by 400% with SD-WAN.


5 Ways Updating Your Phone System Drives Business Success

5 components to consider when evaluating your current phone system or a new communications solution

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